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Chief Instructor's Recommended Martial Arts Websites

The below is a list of websites related to various aspects of martial arts that I have run across or been told about over the last several years. I have found some very useful information on these websites. I am not advocating, though, that I agree with every piece of information on these sites or that everything on these sites aligns itself with the Ham Moo Kwan philosophy. I encourage you to look through them for yourself and pull out any information you find valuable in the study of martial arts and in particular Han Moo Kwan.

If you run across a website or articles on websites you find valuable in your study of martial arts, please pass them along.


bulletFrom the website: TaeKwonDo Tutor (TKDTutor) assists in learning the Korean martial art of Taekwondo by providing comprehensive knowledge on all aspects of Taekwondo and the martial arts in general. TKDTutor presents facts clearly, concisely, and impartially without using pretentious vocabulary or pseudo Eastern philosophy. As a tutor, TKDTutor only assists in learning, it does not attempt to replace your martial arts instructor. TKDTutor contains over 600 topics and over 1450 pages of content.

One just needs to keep in mind not all of what is here is applicable to the HMK art form or how the Club is run.


bulletWikipedia is a free on-line encyclopedia


bulletMany articles on application of karate which is where a lot of traditional Tae Kwon Do was taken from. One just needs to keep in mind not all of what is here is playable to the HMK art form or how the Club is run.




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