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Text Box: Mr. Ui Jung Kim, 
sixth-degree black belt, was our founding chief instructor

About Us

General information about Tae Kwon Do
and the Han Moo Kwan Club

Tae Kwon Do is based on an ancient Korean fighting art and means “The Way of the Feet and Hands.”  The style of Tae Kwon Do practiced by our club is called Han Moo Kwan (a military form of Tae Kwon Do).  Mr. Ui Jung Kim, sixth-degree black belt, was our founding chief instructor.  He passed away in January of 1999.  The foundation of our techniques includes strikes, kicks, blocks, self-defense, sparring, and hyung (commonly called “forms” in English, and “kata” in Japanese).
Our Han Moo Kwan Club retains the traditional style and philosophy taught to Mr. Kim in the 1950s, before the unification of the Kwans (schools) into the World TaeKwonDo Federation (WTF).  Unlike WTF, which markets its training toward younger students desiring to achieve through competition (sport), this form addresses the needs of the adult who wishes to practice a power form designed for personal combat.  This fighting art is used strictly for self-defense using only bare hands and feet, no weaponry, to fend off attackers.
The physical (body) aspect of our training provides the student with an aerobic and anaerobic workout. Other benefits include increased flexibility, improved balance, and strength training. The mental (mind) aspect of the art form teaches power and focus.  Other benefits include stress reduction and increased self-confidence.  The discipline of blending these body-mind skills is based on a respect for oneself and others.
Han Moo Kwan uses traditional rankings with a limited set of belt colors including white, green, blue, brown, and black (in various degrees).  Approximately every six months, students demonstrate their skills through formal testing.  They are then awarded their new rank, and treated to a celebration dinner.
Although the art form is often seen as “harsh”, the club retains its underlying goal of building community.  Studied by men and women, the young and not so young, a strong sense of camaraderie develops among club members.


Click here for the Han Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do Club History (.pdf file)





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